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I’m not going to censor myself to comfort your ignorance.

“A vegan diet is too expensive,” the brand-name clad omnivore typed on their smartphone.

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‘But you don’t listen to the radio? Well then, what DO you listen to?’

‘But you don’t watch MTV? Well then, what DO you watch?’

‘But you don’t play Call of Duty? Well then, what DO you play?’

‘But you don’t read Twilight? Well then, what DO you read?’

‘But you don’t go on Facebook? Well then, what sites DO you visit?’

“Wait a second, you don’t live in America? Well then, where DO you live? Are there even other places to live? Are you always cramped? Does it suck? It must suck. I could never move out of AMERICAAA”

“You don’t have a cell-phone? Wait, how do you talk to people? Do other people even exist for you? Do you not have a phone because you’re like some solipsist so you don’t really care about it? I COULD NEVER GIVE UP MY CELL PHONE OMG ITS MY 600$ BABY”


If eating meat is a personal choice, then why does it affect billions of other sentient beings? Not to mention the havoc it’s wreaking on our environment which affects countless humans as well.

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